Asian Tribal Art - Five guinomi (sake cups), Otagaki Rengetsu

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Five guinomi by the Japanese Buddhist nun, Otagaki Rengetsu, (Lotus Moon) (1791-1875)
Glazed ceramic
1.5" high, 2-3/8" diameter; no repairs; inscribed with original waka, a 31 syllable poem; the set comes with a box (see below) which is not original to the cups.
See book Black Robe White Mist, art of the Japanese Buddhist nun Rengetsu, National Gallery of Australia exhibition catalog, 2007, by Eastburn, Folan, and Maxwell, p. 12, for similar cups.
Book included with purchase.

#8143   $4500

Chawan and box, Rengetsu
Sake cups, bottom
Box, Rengetsu

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